August 2017

Total Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse was an epic event for many including myself. My story is a long one that I will have to recount at a later time, here is the short version. I found a great viewing spot, although it was marred by smoke, negating more than one of my ideas. I was luckily at a fairly high elevation and had clear skies above.

I used three cameras on three tripods and spent a good portion of the eclipse moving back and forth like a plate spinner. My final favorite image is from my 3rd “experimental” camera. It’s an in-camera multiple exposure where the camera never moved and the final image is from a single RAW file. In other-words, I didn’t photoshop this together like most eclipse images that you’ve likely seen. I needed to fire the shots manual and adjust exposure between the partial and total eclipse images. Due to my need to manually fire the camera, the size and spacing of the sun is slightly off from what I’d hoped. The rainbow is a flair from the diamond ring burst of light.

Exposure: SS 1/60, f/5.6 ISO 200, with solar filter (for partial eclipse images), SS 1/60, f/5.6 ISO 200 without solar filter for (for diamond ring/total eclipse image)



July 2017


My first book now available for sale.

The Enthusiast's Guide to Exposure

I'm proud to announce that my first photography book is now available for sale. The ideas and concepts for achieving the best exposure have been refined and organized for those that prefer learning from a book.

Available for purchase through...

Rocky Nook


Barnes & Noble

print copy or ebook options available


December 2016

2017 Photo tours

Cuba Photo Tour

Cuba Photo Tour

April 14-22, 2017

Havana & Viñales


June 2016

"Havana & East Coast Adventure"

Fall 2016 Cuba Tour

BalletCubaCuba 2

I am pleased to announce a new Cuba tour for the fall of 2016 - "Havana & East Coast Adventure" co-led with Kenna Klosterman. Cuba's mystique may disappear as the modern tourism industry invades this tiny island. Get there now as it won't be the same in 5 years!

For a registration form and more info contact us at:


May 2016

Lots of new camera classes

Canon1DXIICanon 80DCanon M3

Nikon D5Nikon D500

Sony A6000Sony A6300

Fuji X-Pro 2Fuji X-T10

Olympus Pen-FOlympus E-M10II

I’ve been very busy this year working on several new camera classes. These classes should be the most thorough, detailed and visual you will find anywhere.

All classes are available through CreativeLive


April, 2016

Cuba 2016 Photo Gallery

Cuba 2016

Spring 2016 was a good time to be in Cuba. I was there for two tours, one co-led with Emily Wilson and one with Kenna Klosterman. Our guests were some great travelers and photographers from all over the world. We led them down the streets, back alleys and secret photo spots that we’ve discovered from our previous Cuba tours. We even got to to take in a Rolling Stones concert!

We have more plans for Cuba tours so stay tuned in for more details.


January 2016

The latest "everything" class

Fundamentals of Photography

If you're "all in" for photography then this is the class for you. It's 25+ hours that will take you through the complete world of photography. The 10-section class will guide you through the entire photographic process.


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