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Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2015

Downloadable 10-Part Series

1. Cameras

2. Sensors

3. Lenses

4. Exposure

5. Focus

6. Gadgets

7. Light

8. Editing

9. Composition I

10. Composition II




Quick Facts

-More than 20 hours of instructions and Q & A

-Watch anytime, anywhere, files stay on your computer



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Creative Live


Fundamentals of Photography


Fundamentals of Digital Photography 2013


Learn at home, at your own pace

The 10-part Digital Photography series is a fantastic way to learn photography right from the very beginning. With this downloadable set of classes you can work at your own pace in your own time. You can re-watch lessons, pause, rewind and play at your demand.

You’ll start with a fun introduction to photography and then work your way through lessons learning how the camera and lens work. Concepts and ideas are illustrated and animated so that you can easily see how various techniques and systems work


10-Part Photography Series

Cameras - DSLRs & mirrorless, histograms, shutter speeds.

Sensors - A close look at the heart of the digital camera

Lenses - Focal length, angle of view, apertures, depth of field

Exposure - Light meter, exposure modes, exposure ealue

Focus - Manual focus, live view, focus points, lens quality

Gadgets - Camera accessories, lens accessories, other goodies

Lighting- Natural light, modifying light, on-camera flash, off-camera flash

Editing - Downloading, culling and developing

Aesthetics Part I - Point of view, angle of view, cropping

Aesthetics Part 2 - Subject placement, sharpness, elements of design



Student Feedback

Hi John,

This is just a note of high praise.

I am not one moved to write these letters regularly but I felt I wanted to tell you directly how great your classes on Creative Live have been. I am a portrait photographer with an 'at home' studio. I am trained as a teacher and I can attest that your teaching style is crystal clear, informative and beautifully presented. Your love of what you do is pervasive and completely devoid of "schtick". What a complete and instructive pleasure it is to watch and learn from your classes. You, by far, stand out in this area as exceptional.

I just wanted to let you know.



Hi John,
   I have taken a lot of photography classes in my lifetime.  Without exception, you are the best instructor from which I have had the pleasure of taking a class. I really appreciate all the hours you must have spent constructing the individual classes.  The visual aids, as well as your example photos, were excellent!   I hope that you will consider teaching a course on lighting at some time in the future.  I learned a lot over the course but realize I still have much to learn.
Lee Werling
Montgomery, AL


John, I’ve taken Photography in several countries of the world and also in art school (MICA), but yours is the first one that I can truly understand and have learned from. I love your style of teaching and appreciate all the effort you put into the visuals, For me they really worked, thank you. - Chris


I just wanted to thank you for teaching this online course.  I'm a part-time photography student taking classes and working towards an AA at a community college with a fairly good photography program.  While I don't mean to diminish my teachers skills and the quality of their instruction, I've found the 6 sessions you've taught so far through creativeLIVE to be more effective in teaching me the basic and most important concepts of photography than the three years I've spent at school trying to learn them.  I love the graphics that you use to illustrate the somewhat more mathematical concepts of photography (especially about sensors and lenses!!), and the clear and non-jargony(sp?) way you break all of this information down. 

I work for the community college district as well, in the online department that helps train instructors on how to teach online.  Your classes are such a great model of online teaching, esp for a vocational subject like photography.  I was really blown away by the course- I've seen many instructional videos, most of them underwhelming and un-engaging.  Yours is very much the opposite, and kudos to the creativeLIVE staff for setting it up the way they do- so easy to navigate, ask questions, and engage in a dialog about photography.

Anyway, I just wanted to reach out to you to say "thanks" ( x a million).  I am learning so much from your courses even though I still primary shoot film, and have encouraged a lot of my friends- who have just bought their shiny, new DSLRs- to hop on board. 

Paula Miranda



Your Fundamentals of Digital Photography 10 weeks of classes were tremendous. Thanks so much for offering it as well as the ability to purchase. I have learned more from you than I could have ever hoped for which allows me to get out there and shoot. I truly hope you will continue to offer classes such as these in the future.

Side note, thankfully you offered the purchase of the classes as Christopher Walken was about to wonder what was going on during his performances on stage. I am a Broadway Production Electrician and our matinees with Mr Walken would start at 2:05 EDT. Watching you, watching Walken, receiving TXT messages and pushing the lighting control GO button over 200 times during your broadcast was putting a real strain on my multi-tasking abilities. Needless to say I succumbed to waiting for the "recorded" version of your show to come out. Even though I was forced to wait for the recordings it was worth it. Walken is good but Greengo is better.

Which reminds me, in my opinion the freebie after event recording should include the class assignment. I know from my perspective I had many images to upload to you but always to late as I would see the assignment well after the time you reviewed the entries.

Thanks again John.

Mike Ward


I signed up for the webinar and bought the recordings so I could listen and view them several times!! I was DELIGHTED and INSPIRED by all that was shared!! I took one class in high school about 4 decades ago :) and am all confused with my new digital camera! I struggle just accessing the manual settings and remembering everything I had learned. I loved all the classes and still have to view the last one as I missed that. I missed a couple other ones being away from home, and just caught up when you posted the recordings!! What a GREAT way to learn and relearn again and again!! I found Great Value in the program and truly appreciated being able to see John and not just listen to him talk. It made it a lot more real as if I were there with him in the class. I loved the students photos he would share and comment on each week. Thanks for being Bold to try something new and I certainly hope a lot of people bought your fine series, because it was a LOT of value for the money as far as I am concerned!! My friend, Sheila Finkelstein, who referred me to you, said the last class was really great too!! Thanks again so much!! I know I will be taking better and better pictures as a result!!

Much gratitude, Morgine Jurdan


Hey John! I got to know about your "Fundamentals of Digital Photography" series before the session of week5 - watched it with my husband and both of us absolutely loved it. Your presentations are truly fantastic. Great work!! We bought the course yesterday :-) Thanks a ton...
I had always been a fan of point & shoot (not wanting to tax my brains with the manual settings :-P ) and my Husband has been an SLR bug. After watching your videos, I have started enjoying the SLR too... you've made it simpler and interesting for the beginners... thanks again!
And last but not the least, each one of the pictures you've used in your presentations automatically makes me go WOW!! They're just superb! That's like the biggest motivation to learn to take pictures with the SLR... wanting to get the quality at least remotely closer to yours :-)


Hi Guys at creative Live
you guys asked for comments so here they are! I signed up for john greengo's 10 week course after I heard about it from my cousin who's currently going to school for photography in Tampa! much to his dismay he found out about Chase Jarvis' desire to put something on the web free for all those who want to learn about photography by following his blog I believe. at that time I was desperately seeking the best place to learn more about photography and was looking at a couple of places like New York institute of photography and, Art institute of Pittsburg online as well being that I'm a stay home mom of 2 little ones, you name it I looked at it. I'm a serious armature and would really love to do this professionally. so when I got word of this I thought there's got to be a catch? but low and behold my hubby said take a look around the site see if it's legit, I signed up and here we are! I completed the course, I want you guys to know I also bought the course too! just the courses alone that I had ready to enroll on totaled up to over $1000, I was able to learn more than half that just in this 10 wk course for $79!! thank you guys, you're amazing, and a blessing from the Lord that I can learn from top notch professionals without breaking the bank if you know what I mean. I even went to a nikon day school for the weekend in orlando at sea world and paid over $300 and didn't learn half as much as I did with you guys? in fact I mainly learned about Micheal Shwarz and some guy named Didlick career's which wasn't very helpful? this opportunity really touched me because a week before I found out about it my husband and I talked and he told me he didn't want to ever hold any of my dreams back from me, that he wished he could give me all the things I wanted to do like take classes and get my gear, and my business started and told me if I really wanted to do this photography thing it would work out and there would be a way to learn for free! then I got news about what you guys were doing.

I've become better just for what I've learned so far, right now I'm shooting with my nikon D90, and am working on getting my lenses to equip me to do the kind of photography I want which is special events like weddings, any type of gatherings, or if a parent wanted me to cover their kids first soccer game, I love candid photography, mainly just catching that emotion of what's going on and getting people's heart felt genuine reactions, being able to tell a story with my pictures, weather happy or horrified, the birth of a new baby you name it I love that kind of stuff. so THANK YOU GUYS for touching my life, providing a awesomely great professional like John to teach, please provide courses for sports and wedding photography, even a business course and I'd be "IN THERE LIKE SWIMWEAR!'' I live in small Ocala Fl, I'm originally from queens NY! would live to make it up there some time see a class in person, or take one of those small photography trips! but for now I will have to suffice with learning from you guys right here from home. sorry if I commented more than you bargained for, but had to tell you this story cause I think it's pretty amazing what you guys are doing. so from a young, married mom thank you for helping me learn.