Quick Facts

-Class Fee $250

-12 Student Limit

-Bring your camera

-Classes are held at two locations:

Glazer’s Camera - Seattle

Kenmore Camera - Seattle



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Class Locations

Glazer's Camera

Glazer's Camera (Main Store)

Main Store
433 8th Ave North
Seattle, WA 98109

Classes are held at
501 Dexter Ave North
Seattle, WA 98109

Kenmore Camera

Kenmore Camera

6708 NE 181st ST
Kenmore, WA 98028


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John Greengo

John Greengo

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Crash Course in Digital Photography


Crash Course in Digital Photography

Salt train Mali

The best first step into the wide world of photography

This is the perfect quick training session for anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of photography. Whether you are a new photographer needing to learn the basics or a seasoned shooter wanting to brush up on the world of digital, this class puts all students on firm ground for advancing their photography.


Learn the basic principles of photography including:

Camera Settings - Learn the settings & get your camera set up right
Depth of Field - What it is, and how to use it to make better photos
Exposure - Get it right in the field without any fuss
Focus - Learn how focus is affected and how to take control of it
Composition - Explore the rules and learn when to break them

In addition to the technical, the class will also explore the artistic side of photography covering topics such as light, composition, point of view and subject placement. Students can expect clear and thoughtful explanations with a wide variety of photographic examples from all seven continents.


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Glazer's CameraKenmore Camera


Crash Course in Digital Photography is available at two locations.



SLR diagram


A message from John


Crash Course in Digital Photography is my most important class. For the majority of my students, it’s their first photography class and I want to make it the best possible learning experience.

I’ve seen a lot of photography classes and I know that this one is quite different. This will be the most visual class you will find on photography.

Here’s my thinking, photography by its very nature is visual. Photographers for the most part, are visually acute people. So if I may be so bold as to make an assumption - people who want to learn photography, are visual people.

Visually acute people don’t want to listen to someone explain how something works, they want to see it in action and they want to see the results.


Angle of view diagram


So what’s a visual class?

When it comes to explaining concepts like depth-of-field, angle-of-view or the operation of an SLR I use illustrations and animations that I have created especially for this class. These examples take a lot of time to create but it’s worth it because students that have taken the class say that it really helped them understand the concepts. And of course there are photographs, lots and lots of photographic examples of all different types captured from all over the world.

Students can expect non-stop learning when attending this class. I don’t hold back, you’ll get all the most current information. I didn’t call this a “Crash Course” for no reason! I’d recommend a good night’s rest beforehand!

Before every class I go over the material to make sure it is current, accurate and clear. After every class I ask for student feedback, I look at the surveys then analyze how I can make the class even better. This usually means several hours tweaking this or that or creating a whole new section. In the end it’s the students who have taken the class that help me make this a better class every time I give it. It’s an evolution of hundreds of ideas.

Many students have told me it’s the best photography class the’ve ever taken. And that’s my goal - to make this the best one-day photography class available anywhere.

Take a look at the student feedback to see what others think about the class.





16-Page Color Outline

Every student receives a 16-page color outline with dozens of illustrations and diagrams, the same ones that are in the on-screen presentations.



Student Feedback


I’ve taken a couple of other classes at the intro level, this by far, was the absolute best one. - Tom Boydell

This class was just what I hoped it would be, basics presented expertly.

John is the best. I took classes with Rocky Mountain School of Photography. This was so much better. I really feel we got good value and professionalism.

Jane and I really enjoyed the class this past Saturday.  We’ve both been working with our cameras on Manual (!) for the last two days.  It’s a whole new world, and a lot of fun. Your class was amazing!  It stimulated and inspired me to become a better photographer.  I wish I’d taken the class ten years ago – before Antarctica, the Falklands and South Georgia.  Before four trips to Africa and a lot of other places.  Jane and I are signed up for your Travel class, so we’ll be seeing you then. We both like the way you teach, we like your explanations and illustrations, and I really like the fact that you didn’t get so technical that I was sitting there going “Huh?”.  Your pacing is great also.  I thought I’d fade after lunch, but that didn’t happen.
You did a great job, John.  Thank you! - Jim Polus

Excellent Class!! John covered a wide range of topics in a manner which was easy to follow and understand. Great beginner’s course. Thank you.

John is very knowledgeable and dedicated to this subject and obviously put a lot of effort into making this a worthwhile and valuable class for me. I’d like to spend some more time shooting in the field with him.

John is a clear presenter, both easy to follow and understand.

Great class and great use of presentation technologies. Great and clear instructions - wish I had taken this class much sooner. -Bjorn

This class was awesome! John is so good at jamming a ton of great info into clear, concise, interesting a visual presentation that even total beginners can understand. Loved it! -Dana

I’m a novice, and I think this class is great.

Thank you very much for today's class, it was extremely valuable and the time flew by quickly-yet with so much information being digested, I wasn’t overwhelmed! You have a very natural presentation style that is easy to follow and very understandable. I have taken several classes before and never quite understood all the "techno" talk that was being blathered during the hours taught. Today, I finally understood many of the points that have been a bother to me. I now wonder, how in the “h” did I ever get the photos I have (over 20 years) without really understanding my camera??????
Again- many many thanks, I can’t wait to take level II.

John is a fantastic teacher who brings incredible knowledge and experience to his profession and craft.

I have to tell you how invaluable your workshop was for me, your style of teaching and your presentation filled in the numerous gaps I've had for way too long!

I honestly think it was perfect.




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Glazer's CameraKenmore Camera


Crash Course in Digital Photography is available at two locations.