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Online with CreativeLive

- The Starter Kit

- Fundamentals of Photography

- Fast Start Camera Classes

- Canon Lenses: The Complete Guide

- Nikon Lenses: The Complete Guide

- Nature & Landscape Photography

- Travel Photography

In person at Glazer's Camera and Kenmore Camera

- Crash Course in Photography

- Photography Fundamentals

- Nature & Landscape Photography

- Travel Photography

- Fundamentals of Composition

- Mastering the Lens


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Photo Talks

Photographer's Eye

The Photographer's Eye

A 50-minute presentation on how and why photographers view the world a little differently.

Seven Steps to Great Photos

Seven Steps to Great Photos

A non-technical guide to the simple steps of capturing fantastic photographs. For all levels of photographers with all kinds of cameras.

Travel, Adventure, Photography

Travel, Adventure, Photography!

John shares tips and techniques along with several stories, and a few hard lessons learned from an collection of unconventional journeys on seven continents.

Fisheye Tilt Shift Class

Fun with Fisheye & Tilt-Shift Lenses

Put aside your work it’s time for some fun: this class will take you beyond the everyday zoom or prime lens and into the world of unique tricks and cool effects. Learn how the lenses work, and see how to get the most out of them.


Photo Basics: a short 90 minute class for the up and coming photographer wanting to know the most important elements of great photography.



Photography Tours

Another great way to learn is on the road in an exotic location. Check out the Tours page for more information about current and future events.




Learn Photography



Photography is one of the most engaging activities, for both the mind and the soul, that one can pursue.

Learning photography can be a real challenge, it has many difficult and unusual concepts which can intimidate new photographers.

Classes with John Greengo are a great way to learn photography. Besides being a great teacher, John uses a uniquely highly visual presentation. Photography is, by its very nature, visual, so why not embrace this fact and teach in a visual style.

John's unique visual presentations are among the best that have ever been used for teaching photography. By using a mix of illustrations, animations and high quality photographs, then putting it all together with the latest technology, the most difficult concepts become easy to grasp.

Photography Classes


Online classes with...


Fundamentals of Photography

Fast Start Camera Class

Nature & Landscape Photography

These classes and many more are available exclusively at CreativeLive


Photography Classes in Seattle

These in-person classes give you the chance to fully immerse into the learning process. Bring your cameras and bring your questions, this is your chance to see, hear and have a ‘hands on’ opportunity for learning.

Glazer's Camera - Seattle, Washington

Kenmore Camera - Kenmore, Washington

Crash Course in Digital Photography

Crash Course in Photgraphy

This half-day class is the short version of Photography Fundamentals. We hit the highlights and cover the most important aspects to get you out the door and taking great photos. (3-hours with a break)

This full-day class is designed to be the perfect start for the beginning photographer. Whether you’re the owner of a new camera or an enthusiast that desires to learn all the fundamentals, this class will put all students on firm ground for advancing their photography. (8-hours including breaks)

Nature & Landscape Photography

Nature & Landscape Photography

Stunning nature and landscape photography requires the right gear, special techniques and the correct approach. This 5-hour, intermediate level class is designed to explain the tools and techniques required for succeeding in this inspiring but demanding discipline. Class topics include: equipment, exposure, focus, subjects, light, composition and the photographic process.


Travel Photography

Travel Photography

For those intrepid souls who love exploring far away lands, photography can present many challenges. This half-day class is ideal for fine tuning your skills, both technical and aesthetic, as well as prepping you for the rigors that face the modern travel photographer.


Composition is much more than the rule of thirds, this class will help you open your eyes to seeing a world of new possibilities. We leave the technical issues aside and stay focused on the art of photography. A class for the visual learner of any skill level, you’ll learn many ways to approach and refine a photograph. And yes, we’ll cover the rule-of-thirds. (5-hours with two short breaks)


Mastering the lens

This class dives into every aspect of the modern lens: focal length, aperture, features and the technology. Not just a technical tour, this class shows how to achieve maximum impact by proper use of the lens. Revealing a wealth of important information this class is perfect for all levels of photographers, from beginner to advanced.
(5-hours with two short breaks)