Quick Facts


-Class Fee $160

-Class length: 5-Hours

-12 Student Limit

-Classes are held at two locations:

Glazer’s Camera - Seattle

Kenmore Camera - Seattle


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Anyone looking for a general class on photography should check out Photography Fundamentals.

It's an excellent one day class on all the fundamentals of photography, without regard to the type of camera being used.

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Fast Start Camera Class

Specific classes on how to use your camera.

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International photography tours with John as your guide and instructor.

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Class Locations

Glazer's Camera

Glazer's Camera (Main Store)

Main Store
811 Republican St
Seattle, WA 98109


Kenmore Camera

Kenmore Camera

6708 NE 181st ST
Kenmore, WA 98028

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John Greengo

John Greengo

More infomation about John

Mastering the Lens

Fundamentals of Composition


Composition is much more than the rule of thirds, this class will help you open your eyes to seeing a world of new possibilities. We leave the technical issues aside and stay focused on the art of photography. A class for the visual learner of any skill level, you’ll learn many ways to approach and refine a photograph. And yes, we’ll cover the rule-of-thirds.


Includes multi-page color handout

5-hour class with two short breaks


Part I - Photo Vision

Human vs Camera
Visual Awareness
Elements of Design

Part II - Photo Creation

Composition Basics
Point of View
Angle of View

Part II - Photo Refinement

Subject Placement
Working the Shot



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