John Greengo Yosemite National Park

Photo by Jared Rodgers


Sahara Desert

Photo by Art Wolfe


John Greengo Cuba

Photo by Bill Royce


John Greengo


John Greengo is a life-long resident of Seattle, and not surprisingly a typical Northwest outdoor adventure lover. He picked up his first camera at the age of 10, and has since been lucky enough to travel to amazing locations on all seven continents.

Starting with a college degree in photography, John then mixed his love of photography with his enthusiasm for travel and adventure. From biking and hiking, to canoeing and kayaking, he’s undertaken a variety of journeys that has led him to the far reaches of the planet.

Many of those travels came while working with world famous photographer Art Wolfe and his television show “Travels to the Edge.” John assisted in the production of the show and acted as Art’s all-around technical guru for all things photographic.

John now specializes in photographic education and leading photo tours. From local classes in the Northwest to online classes with participants from around the world, his enthusiasm for photography is readily apparent. He uses a unique blend of illustrations, animations and photographs, all of which makes learning photography easy and fun.


John at night

Photo by Sean White