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Cuba Fall 2018

Kenya/Tanzania 2018 & 2019

Bhutan 2019

Mongolia 2019


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Photography and Travel: The Perfect Combination

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If photography is the coolest thing in the world, then travel just might be number two. The great thing is that the two go perfectly together.

My first trip abroad was to the Soviet Union, back when it was the USSR. Visiting with those that lived on the other side of the “iron curtain” made me realize that the world is filled with good decent people just trying to get along in life.

While I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many great destination I’m by no means done exploring this world. There are so many amazing locations with so much to see, learn and photograph I can’t wait to get out the door for the next adventure.

Veranasi India


When you take a tour with John Greengo it’s a mix of traditional traveling with a good dose of photography. It’s my goal to help every traveler not only come home with great images but to learn a lot along the way.

It requires a careful hand to balance the two disparate activities of photography and travel. I’ve been to some places for too much time and too many places for too little time. Having collected my share of frequent flyer miles I’ve found a peaceful place between too long and too short.



Planning stages:

Africa Safari (Kenya / Tanzania) 2018 & 2019

Bhutan - Spring 2019

Mongolia - Summer 2019

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